How To Add Storage To My Motorcycle (Great Tips)

Motorcycles lack storage space, but you can still add more. Keep reading to discover great tips on how to maximize your motorcycle storage abilities!
There are plenty of advantages to riding around town on a motorcycle. Sadly, the ability to carry lots of items on the vehicle with you is not one of them. That’s right!
An unfortunate drawback of riding a two-wheeler of any kind, be it a chopper or a cruiser, is the minimal storage space on the bike itself.

Thankfully, there are several ways (and products) that you can use to maximize your motorcycle’s storage capabilities. That’s what we’re going to explore in this article.
We’ll begin by looking at your options for adding more storage, followed by the exact spots on your bike where you can add plenty of additional pockets.

Options For Adding More Storage

Despite the physical limitations of a bike, there are still several options you can choose from to add more storage to yours.

Generally, your choices will fall into two categories: temporary or permanent storage solutions.

Temporary Storage Solutions For Your Motorcycle

As you browse motorcycle accessory stores, you’ll notice that there are plenty of cases you can attach to your bike to increase its storage.

What makes things interesting is that these cases are specially designed to attach to specific parts of your motorcycle.
So, for instance, you can find top cases*, side cases*, and even bags that are meant to strap around your gas tank*.
Your choices don’t end there, either. Motorcycle cases also come in a wide range of materials, whether they be soft or hard cases as well. The ideal choice will depend on what kind of items you plan on storing inside of those cases as you ride your motorcycle.

More rigid cases are best for more fragile items, while soft cases are excellent for general use.
Besides that, you also have options for mesh pockets and different types of zippers on those bags.

Why does any of that matter?

Well, remember, there’s a high chance you’ll be wearing riding gloves when you’re on your bike. You’ll want to make sure that you can open and close your bags while you still have your gloves on.

Permanent Storage Solutions For Your Motorcycle

Suppose you’re looking for something a bit more substantial and permanent. Well, you can also have aftermarket storage compartments permanently installed onto your bike as well.
Before you do that, you should understand that there might be some minor modifications needed to do so.

For instance, you may need to install a luggage rack for your bike’s rear or sides before you can carry any additional storage compartments.
The good news is that once you’ve put those racks in place, you’ll have plenty more options when it comes to onboard storage.

You could attach additional motorcycle storage cases to those racks.

Or, you could simply put your cargo on them (like luggage or big bags of pet food, for example) and strap them down securely.

Where To Add Pockets To My Motorcycle

Earlier, we mentioned that there are fewer places on your motorcycle where you can add additional storage.

So, you must make the most of the limited real estate’ that you have.
But where are the exact locations throughout your motorcycle where you can add more pockets?
The three most useful places are the gas tank, under your seat, and even on your fender.

Gas Tank

You can add plenty of extra pockets around your gas tank by investing in a tank bag*.

These bags are designed to follow the shape and fit neatly around your gas tank. You might not be able to fit bulky items in those pockets, but they’ll do just fine for smaller items like cash, keys, or anything else of that size.

Under The Seat

Don’t forget to make the most of the motorcycle trunk that’s right under your seat!

There, you can add pockets to keep the space much more organized and maximize what already came standard with the bike.

On The Fender

Last but not least, you could also add pockets to your fender* with a fender bag.

Just like the tank bag, these will strap around your fender and stay put no matter your riding conditions. Accessing the pockets here may not be so easy while you’re sitting down, but still, it’s a great way to add even more storage onto your motorcycle.

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