Scrambler – What is a Scrambler (+Characterisitcs)

A scrambler is a type of motorcycle, it is engine operated and designed to be used off-road. By off-road, that is dirt tracks, and grass area that isn’t paved or tarmacked. However, they are a versatile type of bike as they can be made road legal and used as a normal motorcycle too.

Read this article to find out more about what a scrambler really is, what characteristics it has and why they are different from normal motorcycles.

What is a scrambler used for?

Most people who own scramblers take them to racing competitions or tracks that include jumps. Nowadays some people choose to buy scramblers just for pleasure or to use as a mode of transport. They are relatively cheap to run and therefore are a better option compared to a larger motorcycle.

What are the main characteristics of a scrambler?

#1 High mounted exhaust

All scrambler bikes have a very high mounted exhaust, this is so that when riding over bumps and jumps, and especially landing afterwards, the exhaust isn’t damaged.

#2 Short Seat

These bikes aren’t made for long-distance riding or even for comfort, they are designed for racing around, jumping over lumps of dirt and just having fun. The seat is quite small compared to a normal bike and this is because it’s not often used. Most scrambler riders ride standing on the pedals.

#3 Lightweight components

All scrambler bikes are made to be lightweight, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to be used for jumping or racing. The average scrambler bike weighs only 400 pounds!

#4 Small Fuel Tank

As these bikes don’t often go long distances it’s unnecessary for them to have huge tanks for gallons of fuel. During races, most bikers have to refill their scrambler before each race. A small tank also helps the bike to be lighter.

#5 Large Offroad Tyres

Essential for dirt bike racing and jumping. Large chunky tyres with a huge amount of grip are a stable sight on a scrambler. This means they can be ridden over rough terrain without the risk of popping a type.

#6 Great Suspension

As we have already mentioned, these bikes are used in racing but also on tracks that include jumps. These jumps can be ridiculously high and therefore, for the landing, a great deal of suspension is required. That’s why when you look at a scrambler, the seat and steering seem very far up and away from the wheels.

How is a scrambler different to a normal motorbike?

Scramblers can be easily recognized by their suspension height, if you compare this to a normal motorbike then you will clearly see a difference. The suspension is critical for jumping and racing.

Also, scramblers tend to look quite basic compared to a normal road bike, they don’t feature a great deal of technology or lights and this is all critical in keeping them lightweight and durable for racing.

Lastly, the tyres on a road bike tend to be thinner and smoother, this allows the road bike to gather a lot of speed on the flat and straight ground while also providing grip around corners too. With a scrambler, we look for the opposite, we want grip all the time, especially on hills and jumps and that’s why the tyres are much thicker.