Should I Get A Cruiser Bike?

Whether a cruiser is right for you or not depends on a variety of factors. Think about the weight and speed you want to go. If you want to go fast with a lightweight bike, cruisers aren’t the ones for you. They are best for, well, cruising and going at slower speeds.  

When it comes to bikes, the question for many is similar. “Which type of bike should I get?” Whether it’s a sports bike or a cruiser, you will want to opt for the one that suits your needs and style best.

If you just want a motorcycle for everyday use, then a sports bike wouldn’t be the right choice with its high speeds. 

One bike which many consider getting but are unsure if it’s the right one for them is the cruiser. While some bikes are made for rough and tough terrains and others are designed to go at the speed of light, not many have the appeal and class of a classic cruiser.  

Firstly, you need to understand what a cruiser bike is. When you think of a cruiser, you probably conjure up the image of a Harley motorcycle in your head.  This is because Harley-Davidson is known for making a lot of cruisers that are often seen on our roads. Cruisers typically come with a huge engine that can reach over 2000cc.

However, they are generally less fast and their build technology is quite dated. Low horsepower also leaves cruisers lacking speed and power. If you love the old design of a cruiser, then they could be perfect for you. Many people love the classic design and appearance of these bikes and often purchase one for the image rather than the speed.

You will usually see young riders opt for sports bikes while older bikers prefer cruisers. Almost 60% of people who own a sports bike are below the age of 30 and less than 25% of them ride cruisers.  Although preferred by older riders, cruisers are more suitable to beginners as they have a more comfortable seating position than those of sports bikes.

You usually place your feet at the front while your hands are raised upward as your body leans back. Some find this very comfortable while others dislike it. It depends on your personal preference.  If you favor comfort and classic aesthetics over speed, then cruiser bikes are definitely the better option for you.  

What is the cruiser bike? 

A cruiser motorcycle is based on the style of American bikes from the 1930s to the early parts of the 1960s. Famous manufacturers of these bikes include Harley-Davidson, Excelsior, Indian, and Henderson.  Cruiser bikes are generally slower than sports bikes and have a very different seating position to most motorcycles.

With a riding position consisting of your feet placed forwards with your hands up, your spine is left erect or leaning back, depending on the type of cruiser.  The vast majority of cruiser engines put an emphasis on easy rideability with a great deal of low-end torque but not on the amount of horsepower.

You will hear a cruiser from miles away but it may take some time to get to you! The engines are traditionally V-twins but over the years, inline engines have become more common. If you want a cruiser with more horsepower, stronger brakes, or better suspension, then you would have to opt for a Power Cruiser.

These generally have higher levels of power but have the same appearance as classic cruisers. Many of these have more neutral riding positions and are easier to corner. Customization is becoming more popular with cruisers and Power Cruisers are favored among many riders on the road today. 

What are the things you should know when buying a cruiser bike?

Go and test ride a cruiser. That’s the only way to find out if you like the seating position, the build.

  • You can flat foot both feet when stopping = low position
  • Low Position has the advantage that it feels like you are sitting IN the motorcycle and not on the bike.
  • Cruisers are no sportbikes, they are CRUISER’s. Don’t expect a fast motorcycle. But also means that the cruiser forgives you more mistakes through your sitting position = low center of gravity.
  • On a Cruiser, you are sitting lower
  • Your feet are (mainly) in the forward posture. On a sportbike, you are “resting” on your stomach, a cruiser is more like chilling on a sofa. =very comfortable
  • Lower to the ground, not as much clearance for tight corners.

Why are cruiser bikes so expensive? 

Yes, it’s true. Cruiser bikes tend to be very expensive, especially when compared to other types of bikes. Nearly all manufacturers have upped their prices over recent years but cruisers have always been one of the most expensive choices of motorcycles. 

For a start, cruiser bikes are much larger than many bikes on the road. This added weight and materials often cost more to produce so the manufacturers have to sell the bikes for larger sums of money to make some sort of profit. Furthermore, many cruisers have massive engines with some over 2000cc.

These cost a lot to manufacture and are highly desirable in the motorbiking world. Therefore, customers are willing to spend more to get more engine! Cruiser motorcycles have a classic look that is highly popular with many bikers. These traditional designs are well sought after and there is a lot of competition to own one.

Simply put, the prices of cruisers remain high because people are willing to pay the extra money on them. Along with the high-quality materials used, you often have to spend more because of the brand. If you buy a Harley-Davidson, you will have to spend more simply because of that name. If you have the money, it may be the best investment you’ll ever make.