cafe racer

Best Cafe Racer Seats

Well, there aren’t plug&play seats for every motorcycle out there. But for most common cafe racer build you could use one of the following. I bought myself a “pre-build” seat panel to get a perfect fit on the frame. But the padding and leather finish I chose myself.The following seats are my choice, which I …

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Cafe Racer Seats for two person

Can Café Racers Have Two Seats?

Cafe racer with two seatsCafé racers are known for being sleek, lightweight, and showing off a minimalistic design. They’re attractive motorcycles that draw the attention of many. So, what happens when your bike draws the attention of a potential passenger?Café racers don’t come readily equipped to fit two people due to their style. They are …

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Motorcycle School, Is the Cafe Racer a good starter Bike

Are Café Racers Good for Beginners?

Café racers are lightweight and powerful motorcycles designed for speed. Their sleek, minimalistic bodies make them wanted by many people, from the seasoned motorist to the beginner motorist. So, you’re wondering if these stylish bikes are as suitable for beginners as they are for the pros. Café racers can be ideal for certain beginners and …

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Taking Cafe Racer for a long trip

Are Cafe Racer Good for Long Rides?

The Cafe Racer came roaring straight from the heart of the 60s and has been racing down streets ever since. There’s something so alluring about a perfectly made custom bike. They’re cool. They’re fast. They’re suave. But are they good for long rides? This article will trace through the characteristics of a Cafe Racer and …

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