Things You Didn’t Know About Riding a Motorcycle

There’s no feeling more thrilling than when you’re riding a motorcycle.
Really, I mean it. Even the scariest of rollercoasters become a walk in the park to seasoned motorcyclists.

The feeling of freedom as the wind rushes past you that comes with motorcycling is enough to turn anyone into a motorcycle addict.

If you’re new to the motorcycle world, there are probably at least a few things you don’t know about what it’s really like to ride one.

Things you didn't know about riding motorcycle

Have you ever wondered how the road feels different on a motorcycle compared to a car?
How many miles a motorcycle can take you on a gallon of gas?

Keep reading to find out all the details you didn’t know about what motorcycling really looks like.

You Become a Better Driver Than Everybody Else

Contrary to what many people may think motorcyclists are like based on their reputations, they’re actually the best drivers on the road (when they’re not having a little extra fun.)

They’re even better at driving a regular car than someone who’s never tried riding a motorcycle.

While this can be hard to believe at first, it’s actually pretty easy to imagine why if you think about it.

Cars, even many convertibles are covered with tons of protective metal barriers meant to protect their drivers if they were to get into automobile accidents.

However, motorcycles don’t have those same safety features; it’s mostly just you on the bike, with no encasing to protect you.

A small mistake could cause a life-threatening accident; thus, motorcyclists have to be hyper-vigilant on the road. Not only that, but you’re far more aware of the drivers around you that could make potential mistakes, too.

Motorcyclists spend so much time making sure they’re in complete control of their surroundings that driving extremely carefully becomes second nature.

The Road Feels Far Wider on a Motorcycle Than in a Car

When you drive in a car- even a small model like a sedan, your vehicle takes up much of the lane that you’re required to stay in.

You’ve got at most a few feet between you and the end of the road or lane, so nobody’s taking any risks.

In a motorcycle, on the other hand, you take up far less space- you can use the entire lane to your advantage. You truly don’t realize how wide the average lane is until you’ve experienced riding down one on a motorcycle.

Bugs Can Hurt. Like, Really Hurt.

I know what you’re thinking- aren’t you supposed to have the proper gear to protect yourself from the elements? While the majority of motorcyclists invest in full-cover face shields to protect their faces while riding, some of us don’t.

If you’re driving full speed down a highway with a speed limit of 70mph and a bug is flying headfirst in between your eyes, you’d better prepare for some hurt.

You really don’t get an appreciation for how much a tiny little fly can sting when it’s flung at you so fast on your bike.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution- invest in a full-cover face shield or don’t drive down highways without one.

You Can Still Ride Motorcycles in the Winter

Because of the generally exposed nature of motorcycles, many people assume that you can’t ride motorcycles during the cooler months.

While some cyclists do choose to put their bikes up to hibernate in the winter, many people enjoy (and sometimes even prefer) riding motorcycles on the wet, icy winter roads.

That doesn’t mean you can expect to enjoy it if you don’t take the proper precautions, however.

If you’re wanting to get some winter riding action, first invest in a pair of quality, insulated, waterproof riding gloves made specifically for winter temperatures/conditions.

Nobody wants chapped/frozen hands by the end of their joyride. You’ll also want to make sure your clothing is both protective as motorcycle wear and warm as winter wear.

Make sure your helmet has a breath deflector too, to prevent any moisture from your exhales from fogging up your face shield.

Lastly, invest in some winter tires. At the very least, you need to have tired of the highest quality to even consider winter riding. 

 As long as you’ve got all these areas covered, feel free to safely ride in the winter to your heart’s content. 

Motorcycles Get Way More Gas Mileage than Cars Do

Despite how heavy-duty motorcycles can look, did you know that motorcycles get way more gas mileage than the average car?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average automobile gets around 24 miles per gallon. 

You can compare this to the average motorcycle, which gets anywhere from 50 to 60 gallons, depending on the model. That means on average, motorcycles get double the gas mileage that cars get.

Based on these costs, this makes the motorcycle a more cost-effective vehicle to invest in.

You’ll be a Part of the Most Loyal, Dynamic Community Out There

As a motorcyclist, you’re bound to come into contact with other cyclists who seek the same thrill as you do. Motorcycling attracts a very dynamic crowd, and one of the most unexpected benefits you can expect to enjoy if you take up motorcycling is getting to know the community.

The motorcycle community is extremely diverse, and for the most part, is filled with loving, loyal, eccentric individuals who love to share their love for motorcycling with like-minded others. Join the motorcycling community, and you’re sure to secure some friends for life.

Motorcycling is an incredibly thrilling and rewarding hobby/lifestyle to take up. Now that you’ve gotten some new perspective on what motorcycling really looks like, you’re ready to join the community, right?

You’ll have a newfound appreciation for how wide roads really are and how much bugs actually hurt, you’ll be the best driver out of everyone you know, and you’ll have the most loyal, eccentric friends you’ve ever met. Give motorcycling a try, and more than anything else, be safe and ride hard!