What Is a Safer Alternative to a Motorcycle that Is Still Cheap and Fast?

Motorcycles are fun, fast, and often cheaper than other vehicles that people drive for fun. But if they’re not safe enough for you to feel good about driving, you can look into something else, like a trike motorcycle or a small older sports car. These two alternatives are safer than motorcycles.

Let’s look at what makes these alternatives safer for riders. We’ll also touch on what you can do to feel safer on a motorcycle. Keep reading for our expert tips.

Reasons to Look for an Alternative

People who don’t feel safe riding a motorcycle cite several reasons why.

  • It’s difficult to drive a motorcycle.
  • They feel too exposed.
  • They’re afraid drivers of larger vehicles won’t see them.
  • They fear crashing without protection from a vehicle around them.
  • They don’t want to fall.

While these are all valid concerns, there are ways to protect yourself against injuries and bad circumstances. We’ll get to that further down.

Safer Alternative to a Motorcycle that Is Still Cheap and Fast

We’re exploring two safer alternatives to motorcycles that are still cheap and fast.

The Trike Motorcycle

Here’s the thing, these aren’t all going to be cheap. But just like motorcycles, you will have some that are cheaper than others.

There are two main types of trike motorcycles. One has one wheel in the front and two in the rear. The other has two wheels in the front and one in the rear.

Trike motorcycles are safer because they’re more stable. Three wheels give you better control over your bike and make it harder for the bike to fall over. It also makes it easier for other drivers to see you because the bike is larger.

The Small Older Sports Car

You can find small older sports cars for cheap that go fast and keep you safe inside. Cars have many more safety features than motorcycles. You’ll have seatbelts to put on, airbags in some, more mirrors, and more signal lights.

Even a small sports car is larger than a motorcycle, too. Other cars will see you more easily in a small sports car than they will on a motorcycle. 

You don’t have to feel so exposed when you’re driving a small car. The vehicle becomes your safety equipment.

How to Ride a Motorcycle Safely

You can do some things to ensure you stay safe while riding a motorcycle. For starters, make sure to get all the gear you should wear to protect yourself. Some avid riders say, “dress for the slide, not the ride,” to stress that it’s more important to protect yourself than to dress comfortably.

Always use turn signals or hand signals. You should always be courteous to other drivers and remain vigilant at all times.

Obey all traffic laws at all times.

If you’re looking for a safer alternative to riding motorcycles but you still want to go fast and spend little, check out either a trike motorcycle or a small older sports car. You’ll find these both go fast, give you some features for added safety, and don’t cost a lot.