Are Bobbers Comfortable To Ride

A bobber is a type of customer motorcycle that has been stripped of its excess parts with a modernized appearance. The style of the bike is emphasized rather than the performance.

Not only has the front fender been removed but the rear is typically shortened and any excess accessories are removed from the body of the bike.

The owners of the vehicle are also provided with the flexibility to style their bike as they would like, however, there is the risk of the bike providing a danger to the rider if it is assembled incorrectly. The low height of the seat makes bobbers a viable option for inexperienced and advanced riders.

Due to the stripped-down style of the bike, those that do not have previous experience of riding a bobber may be questioning how comfortable they are to ride. Generally, bobbers have a reputation of being rather uncomfortable in comparison to many other bikes due to the minimalistic seat.

Bobber owners have the option to upgrade to a more comfortable seat in the process of personalizing the bike to ensure that their comfort is catered to. most tend to have firmer and lower seats that lack a supportive frame.

Many bobbers have a hardtail frame which can make them unsuitable for traveling down roads with potholes as it will make the journey rather uncomfortable and in some instances painful particularly for those who suffer from back problems. 

Are Bobbers Good For Long Rides?

Several factors will decide a bobber’s suitability for long rides. For those with back problems, a bobber may not provide a practical option due to the low height of the seat.

Although most seats are rather spacious, the height may place more pressure onto the vulnerable points of your back. Secondly, it depends on the distance you will travel and how much you will be carrying.

It is worth noting that bobbers offer limited space for attaching your luggage. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of space between the seat and pipes which will likely prove restricting when trying to fix storage bags.

As mentioned previously, many bobbers have hardtail frames which essentially means that they do not have any suspension as this adds to the authenticity and appeal of the bike. The need for suspension depends on the terrain that you will be traveling on. In some cases, suspension isn’t going to hugely enhance the comfort of the journey.

However, if you are going to be riding across a surface with potholes that aren’t avoidable you will likely experience some level of discomfort. When planning your journey, it is also necessary to assess how many gas stations there are on your route.

The majority of bobbers have fairly small fuel tanks so if you are attempting to complete a journey of 400 miles or more you will likely run into some issues as the bike will need to be refueled multiple times. Failing to sufficiently plan a longer journey may mean that you are confronted with issues when trying to locate a gas station.

If you are going to be embarking on a lengthy journey, there is no guarantee that the weather is going to remain the same for the duration. Though you may set off in the sunshine you may be faced with harsher, windy weather particularly when traveling along an open space.

The style of a bobber means that you are quite exposed and provided with little protection against the elements. Although this may not be a significant concern right away it is likely to become rather uncomfortable and tiring as you progress in your journey.

Though there are possible issues to be aware of before setting off on a long-distance journey on your bobber, this isn’t to say that it isn’t doable. 

Is A Bobber Seat Comfortable?

When building your customized bobber, the seat is the feature where you can explore your personal preferences.

Although bobber seats aren’t deemed to be overly comfortable, it is possible to swap the existing seat out for something that you find a little more comfortable.

Not only does the style of the seat that you choose alter the overall appearance of the bike but of course, it is going to determine how comfortable the bike is to ride on long and short journeys. There are many different styles of seats available with the most popular being the bobber saddle seat. They tend to slope slightly in shape and are available in various sizes.

Most are also constructed from leather which is resistant to water damage caused by adverse weather. Bobbers with thicker seats are likely to disguise the feel of potholes when traveling along uneven terrain.

When assembling your bike, select the style of seat carefully to ensure that it is comfortable enough for your journey.