Best Batteries for a Cafe Racer + Charger

Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Small Battery for a Cafe Racer

Many people enjoy riding a Cafe Racer when they want to go for a quick ride and catch a lot of speed. These racing bikes are extremely lightweight, which is why they are able to pick up speed so easily.

When it comes to picking out the right battery for a Cafe Racer, it’s important to make sure it’s lightweight so it doesn’t affect the bike’s speed.

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What is The Best Cafe Racer Battery?

When it comes to batteries for motorcycles and scooters, MMG has always been one of the leading companies that riders trust.

They have some of the best batteries on the market, so it’s no surprise many Cafe Racer owners will only use MMG batteries.

The MMG4, also known as the MMG Lithium Ion Sealed Battery 12 V 300-CCA motorcycle battery, is the best Cafe Racer battery.

This lightweight battery is less than 3 pounds, which is barely enough to affect the bike’s speed.

Not only does it weigh substantially less than the average motorcycle battery, but the MMG4 also takes up less volume. It’s nearly 1/3 the size of the lead-acid type of battery. Riders can keep the speed up since their battery won’t be weighing them down.

Why is MMG4 The Best Choice?

Its size and weight are the main factors as to why the MMG4 is a better choice than most, but what makes it the best?

Let’s start with its life cycle. Most lead-acid batteries will last for 150 to 300 cycles, but the MMG4 surpasses that by lasting for well over 2000 cycles.

Imagine how many extra races the MMG battery will get you!

There’s no waiting around either, as it has one of MMG’s fastest recharging rates. Riders love that this battery is so low-maintenance.

They only need to worry about performing maintenance once a year.

With such amazing performance and little work to keep it running smoothly, it’s easy to see why people prefer MMG4 to power their Cafe Racer.
One of the best features of the MMG battery is that it is much safer for the environment than other lead-acid batteries.

This is because the battery doesn’t contain any heavy metals, acid, cadmium, or mercury, all ingredients that aren’t eco-friendly.

Luckily this battery is able to operate without causing any pollution.
Not only is the MMG4 the battery that will help a Cafe Race operate faster, but it also doesn’t emit any harmful pollutants in the air.

It ain’t easy to find the perfect battery for your motorcycle.
I tried at least on my current motorcycle (for one year) 3 different batteries. And still, with nothing else connected to my bike, only for starting and running, I had big issues finding the perfect fit.
Not only that I needed a specific size -> battery box underneath my swing. I also needed enough power for my old-school motorcycle.

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