Ultimate Cafe Racer Clothing Guide 2021

If you’re a cafe racer motorcyclist, it’s important to make sure you’re riding in style. Riding on top your incredibly fast bike with the chicest, most fashionable clothing items is both empowering and exciting- the truest definition of euphoria.

But what makes good cafe racer clothing you ask? A combination of cohesive style and durability make the perfect outfit for a cafe racer motorcyclist to keep them both safe and fashionable.

Keep reading to find out the perfect cafe racer clothing items that are right on-trend for the upcoming 2021 year so that you can stay ahead of your peers.

Scorpion EXO Flannel Shirt

The 90s grunge styles are coming back big time- a pleasant welcome to most motorcyclists. If you’re searching for the perfect casual riding shirt with an edgy 90s touch, look no further than Revzilla’s Scorpion EXO Flannel Shirt.

This casual shirt looks lightweight but is expertly reinforced with all the safety features you need your clothing to have when on your bike.

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It has a protective lining all throughout the shirt (165-gram aramid fiber, to be exact) and was created to resist any possible tearing. Scorpion also made sure to include mesh pockets on the elbows, shoulders, and back to ensure there’s cushion in the right places.

This shirt comes in five colors- gray, brown, green, red, and tan. I personally love the green for a unique pop of color.


Icon Alliance Dark Helmet

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If you’re someone who likes to ride in all-black, murdered-out styles, the Icon Alliance Dark Helmet is the perfect choice for you.

This helmet features a sharp aerodynamic design and matte-black finish, giving off total Batman vibes. It has a breath deflector, injection-molded polycarbonate shell, and washable interior- so this helmet is just as strong as it is stylish. The best part? This helmet will go well with literally anything.

Choose from three sizes- extra small, small, and extra-large. This high-quality helmet can be found on Revzilla’s website.

Dickies Naruna in Dark Navy

This jacket is so fashionable, you’ll be wanting to wear it both on and off your bike.

Dickies, a brand with trusted quality, created perhaps the most fashionable motorcycling jacket I’ve ever laid my eyes on. This jacket is sherpa-lined with a sherpa collar to ensure warmth in even the coldest of temperatures with a chic corduroy outer-shell. It also features a lot of fleece-lined pockets for you to store items and keep your hands warm if needed.

This functional and stylish jacket comes in all sizes. Find yours on The Cafe Racer website.

Pando Moto Kissaki Dyn 01 Women’s Jeans

For our rider ladies, we’ve found the perfect pair of skinny-fit riding jeans designed specifically to fit female shapes. These jeans are of high-quality fit for a queen.

These CE-approved jeans are high-waisted and skinny-fit, creating an extremely on-trend and flattering silhouette- talk about riding in style! Not only that, but these jeans are extremely reinforced for safety. They’re made with 13oz stretch denim with Dyneema weaving. They feature chain stitching and CE-approved knee protection. These jeans are clearly built for both comfort and durability.

You can find these fantastic women’s riding jeans on The Cafe Racer website.

Knox Brighton Cordura Jeans in Blue Denim

Any cafe racers out there looking to replenish their classic blue denim riding jeans? Look no further than Knox Brighton Cordura Jeans in blue denim.

These fantastic mens-fit jeans are made for riding in hot summer weather. They’re extremely light and thin without sacrificing any of the durability you need from your riding jeans. Made from extra-strong Cordura denim with aramid fiber-lined sections at the seat and knees for protection, these jeans will keep you safe as you ride through scorching temperatures. And with four pockets, they’re extremely functional as well.

Looking to secure a pair of these jeans for yourself? Check out The Cafe Racer’s website.

Holy Freedom Black and White Bullit Gloves

White and black checkered patterns are clearly coming back into style, seeing as you can find 10+ pairs of checkered vans in any given social setting. Why not try out this pattern with your gloves for an on-trend statement piece?

These short gloves made for motorcycling are made from full-grain, pure leather with armor on the knuckles, ensuring your hands are protected. They feature a black and white checkered pattern on the outside and solid black on the inside.

They also feature perforations throughout the glove, meaning your hands will stay ventilated and cool during the hot summer months- a perfect fit with the Knox Brighton Condura Jeans in blue denim. And with their CE certification, they leave no room for doubts about their quality.

Wanting to make a fashion statement with these gloves? Find them on The Cafe Racer’s website.

Airfoil 9100 Glasses

These fantastic riding glasses’ best feature is their optionality.

This gorgeous and sleek pair of riding glasses comes with interchangeable lenses- allowing you to sift through smoke, clear, and yellow-colored lenses as you please. They’re also padded for comfort with a vented frame to prevent clouding, so you can rest assured wearing these babies on your joyride. It also comes with a fantastic and convenient storage case.

Want to grab a pair of these for yourself? Check out ChapMoto’s website to find them.

Now that you know all the perfect cafe racer fashion items to stay on trend in 2021, are you ready to ride in style?

Check out Pando Moto Kissaki Dyn 01 Women’s Jeans for strong skinnies with a flattering fit and pair with Dickies’ Naruna Jacket in dark navy for a chic look, or grab the Scorpion EXO Flannel shirt to pair with the Icon Alliance Dark Helmet for an entire grunge ‘fit. No matter which of these products you choose, you’re sure to look fashionable and stay safe. Ride hard!