5 Custom Graphic Cafe Racer Helmets (That will Blow Your Mind!)

Having a motorcycle that stands out is great. However, you can up your game with a unique helmet that differentiates you from other riders and allows you to make a bold statement. Do not purchase any helmet you come across on the market.

You should find a rare model that most people are unlikely to have. If that is what you are looking for, you are reading the right article. Below is a review of 5 custom graphic caferacer helmets that will blow your mind.

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    1. Premier Trophy Helmet

    Are you looking for custom graphic cafe racer helmets with a retro look? Premier Trophy is one of them. Its classic appearance complements the spectacular look of your cafe racer motorcycle. The full-face design ensures optimal protection at all times. The manufacturer incorporates the latest standards for safety.

    For additional eye protection, the company adds a visor on the helmet that takes the style of the 70s models. The product is scratch-resistant to ensure clear vision when riding your bike. It has durable, metal, snap fastenings that hold the visor in place.

    Premier Trophy consists of an outer shell made from fiberglass and carbon fiber, which contributes to its lightweight nature. The helmet is easy to carry around and does not feel heavy on your head, therefore preventing fatigue and discomfort.

    The inner layer consists of EPS material that provides adequate cushioning in a crash to keep you safe. That is not all. The helmet has an inner lining made from non-allergenic materials. There is no need to worry about the product irritating your skin.

    If you are into modern, stylish helmets, Premier Trophy is not for you. Nevertheless, you can still buy it and add to your collection or use it on a once in a while basis.

    2. AA100 Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

    AA100 Vintage will definitely make other riders jealous. As its name suggests, the model takes an antique look that is irresistible. It also comes with several accessories to make your rides more comfortable. The additional features save you extra costs. For example, you do not have to buy goggles separately.

    Besides the goggles, this brand comes with a removable bib, a mask, and ear protectors. The goggles provide sunshade for your eyes and prevent dust and other things from entering your eyes. On the other hand, the mask ensures you get a full-face coverage if that is what you want. However, when the weather is convenient and you are not in a hurry, you can always remove the mask and goggles and enjoy a quiet ride. That is why this product is considered a four-season model.

    AA100 Vintage is a full-face helmet with a creative design. Its outer layer consists of ABS material, while the inner one entails shock-absorbing EPS, which protects not only your head but also reduces the weight of the helmet. You can wear it for long rides without worrying about fatigue. To ensure comfort when racing or during casual rides, the manufacturer incorporates a third layer lined with deer cotton.

    The high-grade PU leather on the outer layer adds to the durability of this product. The helmet is breathable, skin-friendly, and moisture absorbing with a cozy sweat lining. Besides your motorcycle, you can also wear it when using a car, scooter, mountain bike, or ATV.

    For additional reinforcement, the model incorporates shoulder straps to keep it intact on your head, goggle fasteners to prevent the windshield from slipping, and double-layer buckles for safety. Besides, the detachable collar improves convenience.

    AA100 fits any rider with 55-60cm head circumference. If you prefer a helmet with a visor instead of a mask and goggles, AA100 Vintage will not you.

    3. TORC T50 Route 66

    Unlike AA100 and Premier Trophy that present a classic look, Torc T50 offers a more modern look. Its baller graphic makes it worth considering for a custom appearance. It is a  helmet with a slim design that feels great on your head. The open-face configuration is the other feature that differentiates it from the previous products.

    The retro paint adds to the beauty of this model. The detachable ultra-suede liner fosters easier maintenance. It feels like real leather but wicks away moisture to prevent irritations when out on the road. The helmet is lightweight, easy to wear, and stunning.

    Nevertheless, Torc T50 does not come with goggles or a visor but is a product worth buying considering its custom design.

    4.Nenki Vintage Retro Helmet

    What does Nenki have in store for you? If the Premier Trophy impressed you, you should also like this model. Like Torc T50, t takes a design. It is a vintage retro helmet perfect for your motorbike or scooter. The helmet mask it comes with provides additional protection and warmth during cold months.

    The brand has a fiberglass composite frame. It is lightweight to eliminate fatigue, and the patriot star added to it makes it even more appealing. Nenki is a high-quality product with a comfortable interior for stress-free rides. The mask and goggles are removable, which is a huge convenience while the breathing dust filter comes in handy during off-road rides.

    That is not all. The anti-fog lens ensures high visibility on the road and protects your eyes against harsh UV. The manufacturer also adds a triple layer of foam padding on the outer rim for support, comfort, and to reduce pressure on your face. Enjoy the soft and comfortable feel.

    Note that when you disassemble the mask, it can be challenging to put it back together. Always keep that in mind to prevent frustration.

    5. Scorpion Covert X Helmet

    If you do not like vintage or retro-looking helmets, it is still possible to find a model with a contemporary, custom design. Scorpion Covert is such a brand. It is elegant, which makes it a perfect addition to your riding gear. The matte black exterior is stunning. It takes a helmet construction with multi-configuration and the versatility you need.

    It comes with an injection-molded polycarbonate mask for more face coverage and safety. Besides, it is an ultra-lightweight model that offers a minimalist design to provide a contemporary appearance. Its multi-layered TCT construction boosts durability to give you value for your money.

    While Scorpion Covert is an elegant helmet, it is not ideal for riders who want classic-looking brands. Nevertheless, the stunning matte finish and modern look makes it a spectacular purchase.

    As you go out looking for custom graphic caferacer helmets, there are several factors to keep in mind to help you identify the right product for you. For example, think about the style you want. If you are the patriotic type, the market has helmets to suit you, such as the Premier Trophy and Nenki. However, if you need a more sophisticated look for a helmet, AA100 Vintage will suit you.

    The other thing to check is the material a given manufacturer utilizes in making the brand you want to purchase. Always go for products consisting of tough, durable, high-quality materials. That way, you do not have to worry about damage or frequent maintenance costs.

    An excellent helmet is also breathable, comfortable, and soft on the inside. You need a product that can wick away moisture in case you sweat. The inner layer should be soft for comfort and non-allergenic as well. You do not want a helmet made of fabric that irritates your skin.

    Purchase a model that does not force you to buy accessories separately. That way, you save on additional costs. A good brand comes with a visor or goggles for your eyes. The two should be securely fixed for safety. The straps should be strong and elastic for a custom fit.

    Besides, a helmet that comes with all the features you need is usable in all seasons. For instance, during winter, you can wear the mask and goggles or have the visor in place for warmth and prevent wind from entering your eyes. In hot weather, on the other hand, you can always remove the mask and goggles and enjoy the cool breeze if you like.

    Remember to check if the helmet you want to buy is DOT certified. If it is, then you are sure that you are buying a product that can withstand impact to keep you safe in case you crash. The products we have discussed above are DOT approved, so you have nothing to worry about.

    Final Thought

    The market offers a wide range of motorcycle helmets. However, when looking for something unique, you need to dig deeper into the product assortments to find a rare model that appeals to your taste. We have already looked at five custom graphic caferacer helmets that will blow your mind. They are examples of what it takes for a helmet to be considered custom.

    If you are used to the modern models that everyone has, there is no harm in trying out retro helmets such as the Premier Trophy for a change. They are comfortable and high quality. Despite each of the five models having a downside, they are worthwhile purchases. They are of high quality, durable, shock-absorbing, and lightweight. You will only know their worth if you make a purchase.