What Is the difference between a Cafe Racer and a Scrambler​ vs Bobber, Tracker, Brat, Chopper?

Different bike styles mean different to different bikers! There are a number of characteristics on which bikes are differentiated. So, What is the difference between a cafe racer and a Scrambler, Bobber, Tracker, Brat or Chopper?

These include the tank shape, engine size, handlebars shape, tyre types, exhaust placement etc. Most bikes can be classified on the basis of these features. 

What is the difference between a cafe racer and a
What defines a cafe racer
What is the difference between a cafe racer and a
Old school Ducati Cafe Racer.

In this post, we will discuss the most popular cafe racer bikes and compare them with scrambler, brat, bobber, tracker and chopper-style bikes. It is going to be very interesting so make sure you read it till the end!

What is a Cafe Racer?

A cafe racer is a type of custom-made motorbike that initially showed up in the UK throughout the 1950s and 1960s.
They were the motorbikes driven by associates of Ton-Up Boy subculture or the Rocker.
Cafe racers were developed because of an ambition to have an awesome appearance and to drive quickly.
Throughout the 1960s, clusters of cafe racers are typically observed driving together at transportation cafes near arterial freeways.
These cafes ended up being the center for hanging out with various other hobbyists and the area to organize unlawful street competitions.

What defines a cafe racer

At first, cafe racers were simply based originally on British motorbike brands.

They were inclined, stripped-back motorbike developed to go at high speeds.

Motorbike owners would get rid of any kind of excessive parts, such as customized parts created for the racecourse, swap motors, and mounting components in the pursuit of having additional control and enhanced functionality.

The procedure of switching engines generated the development of new types of motorbikes.

These were given bag names that blended the brand names of the donor motorbikes including the Norvin or the Triton.

cafe racer norton

Initial Design and Performance of Cafe Racers

The initial design of cafe racer motorbikes was greatly directed by racing motorbikes of the generation — similar to those viewed at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy.

A number of the most typical customizations produced to develop a cafe racer was the fitment of rear-set footpegs and low strap clip-on handlebars that would position the biker in a more race-oriented driving posture.

When it comes to performance enhancements, one of the most highly regarded machines of the 1950s combined strong engines with the most effective performing chassis.

Norton’s featherbed chassis turned into a symbol of the cafe racer image because of its innovative concept.

 The featherbed presented an enhanced maneuvering control and it was achievable to insert various engines into a featherbed chassis.

Bikers would likewise augment additional strength from their engines by putting in aftermarket exhaust systems and various carburetors.

A cafe racer’s utmost objective was being able to achieve the adored one hundred miles per hour which is also referred to as “the ton”. Learn more about Cafe Racers.

Scrambler-style bike. Less is more!

Modern Day Design of Cafe Racers

Nowadays the word “cafe racer” is spoken quite generally and they are no more confined to English-manufactured motorbikes.

The variety, accessibility, and cost of substitutes have resulted in the design being put on practically to each brand and design of motorbikes.

Right after the “new wave” of customizing motorbikes took off at around 2009, a few of the most typical systems for cafe racer designs were based upon the Yamaha SR400, Honda CB750, Triumph Hinkley Bonnevilles and a lot of the BMW airheads from the 1960s throughout to the 1990s.

If you stay with these fundamental designing and performance customizations, you can practically build your very own cafe racer.

One particular detail to keep in mind though is that any cafe racer must exceed the performance of the original variation of itself.

Therefore, in case you’re modifying a Yamaha XS650, as an example, your XS650 cafe racer must come with a lot more power or at the very least have a handling much better than it performed in its original form. If you like to keep the truth spirit 😉 But most modern build go for the look. The only perfomance upgrade I did, was the exhaust.

What defines a Cafe Racer

To know about the difference between cafe racer and other styles, let’s begin with the Cafe Racer bike.

In case of cafe racer bikes, the seat is positioned in the middle of both wheels and the handlebars are flat and nor very long.

The seat is high enough to allow you to incline “comfortably” over the handlebars.

Coming to the engine, it is comparatively large and compacted on to its place. Overall, cafe racers are smaller and not very heavy.

There is no true engine size as long as the bike is fast and lightweight

The exhaust is positioned at lower height and comes down off the main engine and heads out from the side of the wheel, touching the road.

The cafe racer bikes are designed to be faster and to stay on the road.

What is the Difference between the Motorcycles

In general, the main differences between the bike styles include the engine size, seat height, handlebar size, seat position and wheel types.

These main points are the underlying basis to differentiate between the types of bikes.

Be it Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Brat Trackers, Chopper, or Bobber, all the bikes are classified on the basis of these factors.

What Is The Difference between Cafe Racer And Scrambler

BMW old scrambler motorcycle.

What is a Scrambler

Now, that you know about the cafe racer bikes in general and you know what to look at. We can now discuss what a scrambler bike is.
So, a scrambler style bike is mostly similar to a cafe racer and this is the reason most of the people get confused between these two types of bikes.
A scrambler is a fast and racer inspired bike which is very similar to a classic.
The engine of a scrambler bike is of the same size as that of a cafe racer and fits tightly exactly at the same pot as a cafe racer.
However, the difference is the parts of scrambler are heavier and more durable than cafe racer.
The seat is high and you can lean over the handlebars comfortably. Further, the handlebars are flat and not too long.

The size of handlebars may vary. Talking about the wheels, scrambler’s wheels are more durable and have a better grip.

The exhaust sits higher than the cafe racer and comes down off beside the wheel near the ground.

The reason behind the placement of exhaust is, scramblers are specially designed to go off-road from one point to another.

What is the difference between cafe racer and scrambler?

The main difference between a cafe racer and scrambler style is the placement of the exhaust and the type of wheels.

In cafe racer, the exhaust sits lower and wheels are designed to stay on the road.

On the other hand, exhaust in the scrambler bike sits higher and wheels are meant for off-road.

If we say, a cafe racer is a sportbike the scrambler would define as the dirt bike.

The forks on the cafe racer are shortened, wheras the scrambler has longer travel forks as well as a higher ground clearance

Both are modified classic style motorbikes in which the seat is positioned at the middle and high.

Also, the handlebars in both bikes are flat and aren’t very long, hence give a better grip.

What defines a Scrambler

Which is better café racer or scrambler?

Just personal preference…

What defines a Bobber

What is the difference between a cafe racer and a Bobber?

Bobbers are classic, heavyweight bikes that have been tucked and trimmed for style and simplicity.

They were formally known as “bob-jobs” from the 1930s to 1990s.

They are a custom motorcycle. Bobbers include removal of excess bodywork, front fender removal and rear fender shortening.

After World War II, bob-job modifications become popular such as metal flake paint, pin stripping, extra chrome plating as well as colored upholstery.

The Bobber evolved through the 50s and 60s. They were home built until commercially produced bob-jobs were available in the late 1990s.

The bob-job style of motorcycle has influenced other manufacturers such as Honda and Harley-Davidson.

 During the late 1990s, “bob-job” changed to “Bobber.” Bobber style is favored, along with bob-job style. 

There are also hybrids of both such as the bobber-chopper or retro-bopper. Generally, bobbers have a reputation of being rather uncomfortable in comparison to many other bikes due to the minimalistic seat.

What is the Difference Between a Cafe Racer and a Bobber?

The main difference between a Cafe Racer and Bobber is their build and use.

The Cafe Racer was built for youth racing between popular cafes in London during the 50s and 60s.

On the other hand, Bobbers were created to keep bikes on the road for the best cost.

They were affordable bikes for motorcycle enthusiasts. By removing unnecessary parts, bikes were faster and lighter in weight- but also unique.

This helped set the tone for “DIY” riders. Overall, Cafe Racer and Bobber bikes served an important role in shaping the future of custom bikes and still hold popularity today.

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What defines a Tracker

Trackers can be considered as dirt bikes. These bikes got their name from “flat track racing” and are very similar to scrambler style bikes.

These are specially designed to run in dirt. Unlike the cafe racers, they are not meant for on-road and off-road like scramblers.

The tracker bikes are generally meant for racing faster on the dirt surface. Moreover, these look as stylish as cafe racer or scrambler but are extremely simple with no over the top styling features.

A tracker bike has flat tyres which make it perfect to race on the rough dirty ground. Also, the bodywork on a tracker is more than on the café racer.

These bikes have a single seat or tail section that gives it a sporty and race-inspired feel.

Moreover, trackers have a raised tank which gives the riders more flexibility to lean on the bike. There are also a bit shorter handlebars on the front as well as number plates.

A majority of modern tracker motorbikes are designed by a number of bike manufacturers, but these modern trackers are more of street tracker style than the classic tracker bikes.

What’s the difference between a cafe racer and a Tracker?

What is the difference between a cafe racer and a tracker?
You know the cafe racers, the trackers, it is very easy to understand the difference between both bike styles.
So, the trackers are basically a lite version of scrambler bikes. These are somewhere between a cafe racer and a scrambler.
The main difference between a cafe racer and a tracker is, the tracker is way lighter bike and also less durable. Further, the wheels of both bikes are also different.
While a cafe racer is designed to race from one point to another on the road, a tracker is used as a dirt bike.
Original design for the Speedway. As with so many things, the tracker has now found its way onto public roads.

What defines a Chopper Motorcycle


Chopper motorcycles are usually custom motorcycles, which are made to order. There are also companies like Harley Davidson with brand new chopper bikes. The motorcycle is built for comfort, making it an excellent option for long rides.

With a chopper motorcycle, the handlebars will be significantly raised to provide a comfortable position.

However, there are some choppers with handlebars a couple of feet high, giving it a distinctive look. Most choppers are customized using a Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycle, which has a very torquey engine.

If you like to own a custom motorcycle, which is comfortable to ride, you can’t go wrong with a chopper motorcycle.

Even though this motorcycle is not meant to take tight corners, it is still nimble around the corners, depending on how you customize it.

There are many choppers in the used market if you don’t want to purchase and customize a brand new motorcycle. If you like to cruise around town in comfort, then a chopper motorcycle might be the right pick.

What is the difference between a brat style and café racer?

Vintage Bikes: The Comeback ?

Vintage bikes are a steadily growing trend for motorcycle enthusiasts.Adding a vintage bike to your collection can elevate your passion for riding.
Riders love the process of working on the bike as much as riding it.
With the popularity of vintage bikes, you are now able to purchase them off-the-shelf.
They are recreated to mirror the look and feel of an authentic vintage bike.
It can be difficult to tell vintage bikes apart, as it usually takes a trained eye.
However, these key tips will help you to identify and compare common vintage beauties.
You should have a clear idea of the significant differences between a cafe racer motorcycle and other motorcycle.
We hope you purchase the style of motorcycle which fits your needs. Great motorcycles; it all comes down to preference.