Is 750cc Too Much for a Beginner? (You Need to Know!)

You’ll never forget buying your first motorcycle.
If you’re one of those lucky people, then congraguatlions.

The love you have for motorcycling will never leave you and you’ll be in for a lifetime of excitement.
However, buying your first motorcycle comes inherent with its fair share of doubts and questions. Should I get a sport bike? Or is a cruiser better for my style of riding?

Not only the cc is important, also the type of motorcycle.

If your bike is 750cc, for example, then you may be worried about its suitability for a first time rider.

A 750cc bike can indeed seem daunting to a novice due to their size, weight and expensive insurance costs.

On the other hand, some riders may feel at ease in a more formidable vehicle.
Let’s take a look at some of the advtanges and disadvantages of buying a 750cc as a starter bike. Whilst the choice is fundamentally up to the individual, they may need some directions to help make their decision easier.

Why 750cc May Be Too Much for Beginner

A 750cc bike is certainly a hefty machine.
Those who are brand new to motorcycling may find a 750cc bike too intimidating for a starter vehicle.
Its large size and weight may be difficult for an inexperienced rider to feel comfortable on. If you’re still learning the fundamentals of motorcycling, you may want to downsize to a bike that is lighter and more nimble.

Is 600cc Too Much For Beginner?

Again, that depends on a number of different factors.

The actual cubic capacity of the motorcycle isn’t the most important thing – it’s the handling and comfort for the rider that makes the difference.

Whether the bike is 125, 200, 750, 1000, or 1200cc is somewhat immaterial if the rider does not feel at home on the bike.

Don’t let the cubic capacity dictate too muchyour first bike needs to be one you feel confident one regardless of size and weight.

Start Small – The Disadvantages of Buyinf a 750cc as a Beginner

The art of motorcylcing takes time to learn.
If you’re brand new to riding then it may be a good idea to start with a smaller bike in order to really master the craft.
Safety should always be paramount when buying a motorcycle. No matter how safe or technologically advanced the vehicle is, the driver is always primarily responsible for their own safety.
With that in mind, it may be a good idea to buy a smaller motorcycle, either a 125 or 250cc, to start with.
You’ll be able to progressively increase your skills and confidence on the road until you feel that you are ready to increase the cubic capacity of your motorcycle.

Imsurance Costs – More cc Higher costs

One of the other major downsides of buying a 750cc starter bike is the cost of the insurance.
A new rider who has just obtained their driving license will be paying an extraordinary amount of insurance costs if their first bike is 750cc.
This can be seriously financially draining especially considering a first-time rider is most likely very young and doesn’t yet have a lot of wealth.
If money is no object, however, the insurance cost shouldn’t present too much of a hinderence to the individual – but it’s still worth considering.

Build to Last – The Advantages of Buying a 750cc Bike

Although smaller bikes are more affordable, nimble, and easier for learning the fundamentals on, they still have their fair share of drawbacks.

For example, a smaller bike is not as suitable for freeway use and riders may feel nervous speeding down highways in a lighter bike.

Larger ones, such as a 750cc, feel much more robust and secure on long, speedy journeys.

The rider will feel much more confident being noticed by other vehicles and feel much more protected on a big, formidable bike.

Another advtange of 750cc bikes is their longevity. Although buying a 150 or 200cc may be practical for a few years, the rider may feel that they need to graduate to larger bikes before too long.
A larger bike will see much more use for longer periods of time. There’s no need to upgrade within a year on a 750cc and they will most likely be the only bike you ever need.

Which Factors Do I Need To Consider Before Buying a 750cc Motorcycle?

There are a few crucial things to consider when buying any motorcycle.
Each person has their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and differences and it’s important to consider these prior to starting your motorcycle journey

1. Height and Weight

A 6ft5, 300lb rider will feel ridiculous riding a 125cc bike built for motorsports.
Conversley, a 5ft, 135lb rider will feel overwhelmed storming down a 750cc bike at great speed.
A rider should, most importantly, find a bike that is more tailored to their needs. Cubic capacity is important, but it is hardly paramount in purchasing a bike.

2. Horsepower

Another vital factor to consider when buying a motorcycle is the horsepower.
It’s arguably more important than cubic capacity as horsepower determines the work capacity of the engine.
It’s a crucial area to consider when buying a motorcycle and should definitely be kept in mind when buying your first motorcycle.
Cubic capacity definitely isn’t the only major area of a motorcycle and tells only a part in the story. For optimum performance, consider the horsepower as well.

3. Price

Everybody’s pocket is different.
A 750cc bike certainly won’t be cheap, especially if you are buying it brand new.
Seeing as you’ll be buying your first bike, try to set a reasonable budget of $8,000 to $10,000. This will ensure you buy quality at an attainable price.
Used 750cc bikes can be found for reasonable prices on the market, however. Just make you have funding for insurance, too. And don’t forgett about the gear!

Should I Buy A 750cc Bike as my First?

There are many factors at play to this question and declaring that a 750cc bike is too much for a beginner is statement thatis not entirely correct.
Take your time mastering the fundamentals and gaining confidence first before worrying about cubic capacity.

However, if you’re going to be using your motorcycle on highways for long journeys, perhaps a bigger bike is the option for you.
If, however, you plan on only completing small distances at low speeds – then a 750cc bike may be too much for a novice.
Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

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