Are Sport Bikes Harder To Ride?

A sport bike is essentially a motorcycle that has been designed for enhanced speed, acceleration, braking, turns, and well…sports.

Usually, this means that they are less comfortable to ride, and way less economic on the fuel. And that’s because their purpose isn’t to be ridden as a vehicle in your day to day, but rather to be used in sports events like races. 

But are they harder to ride, compared to normal motorcycles? The answer can vary from person to person, as not everyone will find the same things to be easier or harder. But as a general rule, and on average, the answer is yes. Sport bikes are harder to ride compared to other motorcycle types. 

Of course, some people will argue that they’re not harder to ride, just different. So here are the main features that are noticeably different in a sport bike: 

  • The riding position:

As we’ve already mentioned, sport bikes aren’t as comfortable to ride, and one of the reasons for this is the riding position that they are designed for.

You sit on them as you would with any other type of motorcycle, but the handlebars are lower so that your body is almost lying down, forward on the bike, so that you’re as aerodynamic as possible, to allow for the higher speeds. 

  • The center of gravity:

The center of gravity is something to take into account when riding a motorcycle, especially when riding it at higher speeds.

As you’re lying forward on a sport bike, the center of gravity is also, in turn, further forward on the bike. Might take some getting used to! 

  • The engine capacity:

Sport bikes are superbikes, and that means they have larger and far more powerful engines. Everything about them is designed for power, acceleration, and speed.

So of course the engine has a bigger capacity. However, this also means that sport bikes are not cheap to run. They go through a lot more fuel and are definitely not for economic use. 

  • The size and weight:

You might think that, as they are built for speed, sport bikes are lighter and smaller. But in truth, it’s the opposite.

Sport bikes tend to be bigger and heavier, so they’re a lot harder to maneuver at lower speeds, but they have the necessary weight to stay grounded at higher competing speeds. 

  • The throttle:

The main purpose of sport bikes is racing. And as racing is all about reaching the fastest acceleration, as fast as possible, the throttle is powerful and incredibly responsive.

Everything is instant and instinctive. So for those not used to these bikes, it can be quite nerve-racking, and even dangerous. 

All in all, if you want to learn to ride a sport bike, it’s better if you already have experience with other motorcycle types. For a complete beginner, a sport bike will 100% be a lot harder to ride (unless you’re a complete natural!). 

What are cruiser motorcycles good for?

Cruiser motorcycles, just as the name suggests, are good for cruising. They’re motorcycles designed with a riding position that has you leaning slightly backward, with your feet up, and the handlebars up high.

Picture the traditional Harley-Davidson motorcycle and the iconic image of cruising down an all-American endless road. That’s what cruisers are good for! 

The main purpose of the cruiser design is to provide you with as much comfort as possible while riding, making them ideal for long journeys over flat and paved surfaces, like long roads. They’re very easy to maneuver and control, and as they are lower down they’re also easier to control by shorter and smaller people. 

All in all, cruisers are a great option for beginners, as it’s really easy to get used to them, and they’re easy and comfortable to use. Cruiser motorcycles are also very good for having extra space, or extra storage. They’re usually modified to accommodate for extra bags or luggage, and a lot of them have extended seats so you can have someone riding with you. 

The downside is that cruisers tend to be quite big and bulky in size, due to all that extra space for comfort. They’re also not very good on bumpy roads and aren’t really designed to go beyond nicely paved roads at a constant speed. 

What is a naked bike?

A naked bike is another way of referring to the standard type of motorcycle, as it is bare in regards to modifications, adjustments, and design additions.

They are the most common type of motorcycle, versatile and multi-purpose, and an all-around good bike choice, for beginners and experienced riders alike. 

The most recognizable trait they offer is the riding position, which is upright and in between that of the cruiser, and that of sport bikes.