How Much Do Custom Motorcycles Cost?

Depending on where you go and what kind of customization you want to do, getting a custom motorcycle can cost in the region of $10,000 to even upward of $100,000 in some places.

If you’re getting an old motorcycle completely revamped and customized, then the garage will have to find new parts and components that can cost huge amounts of money.

If you’re getting small customizations done to a newer motorcycle then it shouldn’t cost as much. Some brands of motorbikes will be much more expensive to customize as their parts can be harder to come across or just expensive to replace. 

Custom paint jobs on their own can skyrocket your price up to $30,000 for high-end motorcycles, so if you’re serious about customizing your bike, then you’ll have to make sure you’re willing to part with your money. 

Buying a brand new bike is probably just as expensive as building a new one. So if you’re trying to revamp an old motorcycle, it may cost more to do that than it would to buy a completely brand new one. 

Can you order a custom Harley Davidson?

For the regular consumer, Harley Davidson does not offer custom-built or designed motorcycles. They may in the past or still in the present, offer this service for celebrities or celebratory occasions. 

Harley Davidson does have a section of their webpage dedicated to customized bikes, with all their models with any upgraded features they’ve added over the years, however, these are not custom ordered by the consumer. 

Harley Davidson does sell a lot of parts and accessories for their bikes for customers to buy themselves to buy their own motorcycles or customize their own ones. If you’ve got the knowledge, skills, and equipment to customize your own bike on your own then you’ll be saving a lot of time and money.

Some motorcycle dealers and garages specialize in customizing Harley-Davidson motorcycles so they should be able to do whatever customization you want to the bike within reason.

Letting a garage do this will take more time as they will have over jobs to be doing at the same time, and they’ll also need to spend the time ordering in parts which also adds extra to the price on top of labor. 

How much does a custom Harley cost?

The more work you have done to your Harley, the higher the cost will be.

Older bikes may still incur a high cost because of the time it’ll take to restore the bike to brand new. Starting prices for customizing a Harley could start from $1,000 up to $40,000. 

What is the best Harley to customize?

Most of the Harley Davidson bikes are good for customizing. The less stuff on the bike to begin with, the more options you have for customizing it.

Many customers prefer to customize the Road King, it can easily be dressed up and also stripped down to resemble other bikes.

How much does it cost to build a chopper?

Depending on whether you’re going to build it yourself or get professionals in a garage to do it, the price of a custom-built chopper could cost you anything from $5,000 to way over $40,000.

High-end custom choppers can go for over $100,000 each, so it’ll depend on where you go and what you’re having done.

Using recycled materials from other choppers will help reduce the price of your custom-built chopper, however, you should never skimp on quality just to justify the price.

Buying individual parts will be a lot cheaper than buying a bulk of parts or components as the more that has already been done for you, the more expensive it will be. 

How long will it take to custom build a motorcycle?

If you’re going to spend a few nights a week and some weekends custom building your own motorcycle, then you could be looking at spending at least a year or two until your bike is ready to ride.

If you’ve got lots of free time or maybe if you’re retired and can dedicate long hours every day to building the bike, then you could have it done in under a year, depending on how quickly you can get hold of parts. 

The time professionals on a garage will spend custom building your bike will be based on what customization and components you want on it. If they’re exclusively finding the parts for you, then it could take longer as they have other customers to look after. It could take anything from a couple of weeks to a few months.