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Best Cafe Racer Exhaust Wrap | Which to use and how to wrap (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

Wrapping your cafe racer exhaust. I wrapped my stock exhaust pipes on my BMW R100. The wrapped exhaust look just looks amazing and underlines the style. Perfect fit for cafe racer.

Cafe Racer Exhaust Wrap : Everything You Need To Know About It

Are you looking to enhance your motorcycle’s performance and reduce the loud noise coming from the exhaust system? Well, that’s exactly why you should be purchasing a good exhaust wrap. However, simply buying one will not be enough: for better results, you must get high-quality exhaust wraps and know how to use them correctly.

Unfortunately, most of them seem identical, especially if you are not very familiar with what to look for in one. That makes finding the best exhaust wrap a challenging task. Also, for how easy as it might sound, actually knowing how to properly wrap the item around the exhaust tube can be quite difficult. And if you don’t install your cafe racer exhaust wrap appropriately, all of your efforts in finding the best one will be in vain.

But don’t despair! Here’s some good news: we’ve prepared for you an essential guide about everything you need to know about cafe racer exhaust wraps. Keep reading to learn more about what to look when buying one, what to expect, how to use it in the right way and which models you should consider.

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    Why Should I Get An Exhaust Wrap?

    You might be wondering what do you need an exhaust wrap for anyways, no? The simple answer is that it can be essential for performance enhancement of your motorcycle. But also, it is a rather cheap way to personalize the design of your bike. But there’s a lot more to that.

    Essentially, getting a wrap is a great way to save up on costly service and maintenance. A good product will ensure protection to your exhaust tubes from any kind of external damage.


    Yamaha Cafe Racer build

    In terms of performance, high-quality wraps are designed to maintain the heat generated by exhaust gases inside the pipe. That means that the gases will be staying at lower densities. If you don’t know what that means, here’s a simple explanation. Less dense gases have are characterized by faster flow, which in turn will allow more cold air to enter the engine and cool it down. This has been associated with superior engine performance. What’s more is that it will make the engine last longer, meaning lower expenses in terms of repairs.

    Another reason why you should get an exhaust wrap is the reduction of the loud vibration noise that might cause you discomfort, especially when riding on rougher terrains. Using a wrapped exhaust will ensure the sound to come out more powerful which will possibly give you more confidence when riding your bike.

    Furthermore, many like to use exhaust wraps because they allow you to customize the appearance of your bike. The market is saturated with options for you to choose from, both in terms of colors and material. A good exhaustion wrap will also help you hide any possible exhaust defects that do not look good on your bike. For example, it can help you hide the untrendy rustiness your pipe might have.

    Which Wrap Should I Get?

    OK, so know you know that you might benefit from getting a wrap, but how to choose one? First of all, think about the use you make of your bike. If you use it daily, tougher wraps are a better choice. To save you some costs and guarantee higher performance, is better to buy wraps made to withstand great pressure and to last longer. Make sure you purchase wraps made of the highest-quality material.

    You should get a product that guarantees resistance to high temperatures. Pipes and headers tend to get very hot, especially at higher speeds or during warm summer days, so you will need to use a wrap that will be able to handle heat without problems. As a rule of thumb, the higher the temperature the wrap can withstand, the better. Think about thickness too: in general, the best exhaust wraps are at least 1.16 thick and 2-inches wide.

    The extra expense for getting a high-quality exhaust wrap will be worth it in the long term. Depending on the exhaust type you have, you’ll probably need different quantities of exhaust wrap. For example, a standard bike (with a basic header) will be fine with a 50-feet roll, however, smaller bikes won’t require more than 25 feet. Keep that in mind when buying your roll.

    Pros and Cons of Exhaust Wraps

    Is investing in a good exhaust wrap worth it or not? To help you make up your mind, check out this pros and cons list.


    •    Reduced discomfort on long rids or summer days
    •    Increased performance
    •    Improved looks for your bike
    •    Saving money on expensive maintenance


    •    Might cause pipes to overheat
    •    You might need to change your wrap quite frequently, depending on the use you make of your bike

    What Are The Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wraps?

    Now that you know why you should get an exhaust wrap, what to look for and how to apply one appropriately, it is time for you to get familiar with some of the best products you can find in the market nowadays. We put together this list to save you time investigating and to allow you to choose the best exhaust wrap for your needs quickly.

    The Best Overall: DEI Titanium

    If you don’t want to lose time comparing all the different models, and you are just looking for a high-quality solution that will have a positive impact on the overall performance and looks of your motorcycle, look no further than this model.

    Indeed, this exhaust wrap is one of the best ones you can find. It is sturdy, long-lasting and designed to stand extremely high temperatures. Pay attention when installing this wrap, as the fibers might start to divide as you wrap. However, if you do manage to wrap the pipes correctly, you’ll be ensured great results!

    ARTR LAVA Fiber

    Do you need a long-lasting and reliable wrap, and you are not very interested in design? Then, consider purchasing this model. Designed to last longer and to withstand the highest temperatures, the ARTR LAVA Fiber is a great exhaust wrap. It is extremely easy to use thanks to the foldable material. Using this product will surely enhance your exhaust system’s performance, especially at higher speeds.

    Kawasaki Motorcycle Protection Header Exhaust Heat Wrap

    To protect your header or pipes from damage without breaking the bank, there might be no better choice than this model by Kawasaki. The wrap will not only increase the quality of the airflow coming in and improve the output of your engine: it will also bring some new life into the look of your bike. This green wrap will definitely stand out on your bike! The material is tough and designed to last to abrasion, oil spills, and heat.

    HM&FC Titanium Roll

    When budget is a concern for you, the HM&FC model might be your best solution. Compared to more expensive models, it might provide you with smaller enhancements to the overall performance, but it will be enough to protect the header and pipes. The fibers are designed to fold better and to withstand high temperatures and strong heat.

    DEI Insulating Wrap

    This exhaust wrap is also a very good option to get some improvement in the gas evacuation system of your bike and to customize your motorcycle. This product is extremely easy to use and to maintain: made of strong fiberglass, it is designed for easy wrapping and for keeping gases hotter. It is not very expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, this product might be a good option, offering you great value for the money you pay.

    How To Wrap My Motorcycle Pipe

    After having chosen the right exhaust wrap for you, you should make sure you know how to install it appropriately. Despite being a relatively easy process, you’ll want to get it right, so pay close attention to the following steps.

    Firstly, ensure that all pipes are clean. Wipe them with a dry cloth, if necessary use a degreaser. After the cleaning, put on some protective gloves to prevent you from hurting yourself. Even if some claim that dampening the fabric with water guarantees you better results, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. When wrapping, you should ensure to place the roll tightly around the pipes. Once you’ve done that, use stainless steel locking ties to secure the wrap and prevent it from coming off. They will secure the wrap to avoid fast worn out.

    If you want longer-lasting results, make sure the pipes or the header are wrapped appropriately. The durability and performance of the wrap will be affected by your riding style and the type of terrain you’ll ride on, however you can expect good exhaust wraps to last at least 1 year, if not more.


    What do u need to wrap your exhaust


    Hopefully, you now have a better idea of exhaust wraps and their uses!
    All in all, the choice of investing in an exhaustion wrap will ultimately come down to you. As you can see, it does bring you some additional benefits, especially in terms of performance. However, it is better to rely on high-quality products, which will be longer-lasting and more reliable. Installing your wrap appropriately is also important if you want to make the most out of the value provided by the product.

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