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During my conversion of the BMW R100, I bought dozens of parts and I had to experience how much rubbish is out there. Here you find products I tested, used or found.

Can Rain Damage My Motorcycle?

Fed up with the rain? Your motorbike will be, too, if you make these mistakes.Although motorcycles are built to withstand rain and are generally fine during a rainstorm, special attention needs to be paid to your bike’s well-being if it is old and the rain is particularly heavy.Build-quality plays a role, too. A cheaper, more …

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Motorcycle Alarm and how they work

How Does a Motorcycle Alarm Work?

(Almost) Everything you need to know about how motorcycle loans work and whether they are worth it. If you talk to even just a handful of motorcycle owners (especially those that have had bikes for years and years), you’ll inevitably hear nightmare stories about “how it happens to everyone” – you come out of your …

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Cafe Racer Seats for two person

Can Café Racers Have Two Seats?

Cafe racer with two seatsCafé racers are known for being sleek, lightweight, and showing off a minimalistic design. They’re attractive motorcycles that draw the attention of many. So, what happens when your bike draws the attention of a potential passenger?Café racers don’t come readily equipped to fit two people due to their style. They are …

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