7 Cafe Racer Exhaust Ideas | Custom and Stock Exhausts

As soon as you got your hands on your cafe racer, what was the first thing you wanted to do? Rip the exhaust off.

Honestly, we can’t say we blame you. And no, this isn’t buyers’ remorse shining through full force. It’s just the pure fact that there is a popular aftermarket selection of better sounding and performing pipes.

Having said this, customizing your exhaust system isn’t just about making it look amazing and sounding sweet, it’s also to do with unclogging the gas escape route.

You can ensure your bike is kitted out with higher compression, upgraded airflow, and much more by changing the exhaust.

Understand Your Style

Before you jump right into the work though, it’s important to understand how your desired exhaust is configured before you splash your cash.
Generally speaking, you should opt for a 4-in-1 exhaust.

This is simply because these tend to be less restrictive and negate the need for a second muffler. In other words, it will keep your bike as light as possible.

Although, it’s worth remembering that your cafe racer might not function with this type of exhaust. So, make sure you understand your specific bike first. This will stop you from spending a load of money on the wrong model.

Understand The Materials

In addition to the style, you need to understand the materials that have gone into constructing the exhaust you’re looking for.

Usually, the best (or rather, most popular) models contain titanium and carbon fiber. Why? Because they are incredibly durable and keep your cafe racer nice and light.
However, stainless steel can be used too. Typically, these exhausts will be less expensive.

They are light too which is great. However, they don’t look particularly appealing so go for chromed steel if you’re worried about aesthetics.
You can also go for aluminum. They’re even cheaper than stainless steel versions.

Choose Between Slip-On or Full System

The last thing you need to consider before we move onto our 7 cafe racer exhaust ideas is deciding whether you want a slip-on or a full system.


These are designed to go over the exhaust that’s already installed on your cafe racer. You leave the head pipes where they are and simply replace the muffler. They’re minimally priced and easy to fit. Although, they won’t boost the performance as a full system will.

Full System

Here, you’ll need to replace everything. If you neglect the fuel system, your cafe racer might overheat, perform badly, and have a shorter lifespan. Because of this, full systems are much harder to install.
Now, let’s take a look at our favorite cafe racer exhaust ideas, shall we?

#1 RANSOTO Motorcycle Slip-On Exhaust System

This is, by far, one of the best sounding exhausts that money can buy.
You get a removable baffle so you can switch the noise from dull to incredibly deep easily. Plus, it is amazingly easy to install. It’s pretty obvious which part goes where. No instructions needed. What more could you ask for?

A really modern looking exhaust system. There are already amazing combinations out there.

#2 Use The Cafe Racer Exhaust Parts

For those of you who have quite a lot of experience fixing up and customizing cafe racers, this is the best route to go down. The Cafe Racer sells all the individual parts you need to make a fully customized exhaust system.
From heat shields to mufflers to exhaust wraps and more, this online parts site is fantastic. You can’t really go wrong with this idea. Your bike will not only sound spectacular but look the part too.

#3 Annpee Carbon Fiber 1.5-2 Inch Inlet Exhaust

This one is a truly universal option. The build quality of the exhaust itself is fantastic thanks to the stainless steel construction. Not to mention that it sports a carbon fiber color vinyl coating to ensure your bike keeps up appearances.
As far as the sound goes, you’ll get that all-important rumble. Thankfully, it also comes with a removable dB killer so you can minimize or maximize the noise to your heart’s content.

#4 Universal 1.5-2 Inch Inlet Slip-On Exhaust Muffler

The Universal Slip-On Exhaust Muffler comes with a stainless steel adapter. What does this mean? Well, regardless of your bike’s pipe size, you’ll be able to fit this one like a glove.
Its body is 100% stainless steel which makes it great quality and the outside is coated in carbon fiber color vinyl so it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it is relatively easy to install.

#5 Build Your Custom Exhaust System at Dime City Cycles

Dime City Cycles is a renowned custom bike parts shop based in the United States of America. Just like The Cafe Racer, you can find everything you need to make an amazing, totally custom exhaust for your bike.
Whether you want a stainless steel cone muffler, a stylish mounting kit, or some new springs, Dime City Cycles can give you it all. Plus, everything comes in a bunch of styles and finishes so you can achieve the perfect looking and sounding bike.

#6 PACEWALKER Carbon Fiber Exhaust Muffler

This exhaust muffler is built from aluminum and stainless steel with a carbon fiber finish for the stylish riders among us. The welds are nicely placed to promote overall quality and aesthetics.
You will get a lovely deep rumble from this one, no matter if the dB killer is installed or not. Wherever you’re riding, it’s bound to sound like perfection.
Alongside all of this, you get a great 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it, just reach out to the company’s customer service team and they’ll issue a full refund.

#7 Mooreaxe Custom Cafe Racer Exhaust Pipe Muffler

The last cafe racer exhaust idea is less than $50 but it sure doesn’t act like it! It sounds great and is relatively easy to install if you have a bit of experience.

You can purchase this one in a wide range of colors and finishes to make sure your cafe racer stands out from the crowd.